Her Movement: Delilah Masani Faye Mulraine

When venturing to connect with Delilah Masani Faye Mulraine, I found her by message.  She was conducting a retreat in Belize.  This is what she does.  She is her own movement, and her images, capturing her spirit, are what enticed GS to share her movement with the world.

Delilah Masani Faye Mulraine author, artist, activist, vegan raw foodist and movement specialist was born in da boogie brown Bronx (NYC) where she graduated from Pratt institute in Brooklyn, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion merchandising.

 Three months after graduation, she accepted a position at Robert Lee Morris jewelry studio in SoHo. After five years of working with Mr. Morris she started her own jewelry company, Masani Wearable Sculptures which is still going strong in Brooklyn, NYC.

Masani textile & design

She is an author with two books on Amazon: Everything That Glitters Ain’t Gold, the so called America Dream from the prospective of a solarized female, and the other, an art book titled, Healing Hands, the Art of Healing Through Art and Living Raw Vegan Foods. Both can be purchased on her website Delilahfitness.com
Delilah is also a certified personal trainer and has been training clients for well over three decades.  She has worked at many of New York City’s top fitness facilities where her clientele  ranges from professional athletes to senior citizens. She started her own fitness company in NYC officially four years ago where she incorporated nutrition consulting.
For the last nine years, Delilah has only consumed 100% raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds, herbs and nuts. She stays away from food that has been cooked or dehydrated to death. She does not consume any animals or animal by-products of any kind.

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