Truth is…

Truth is I’m a romantic to my core. I believe in fairy tales, happily ever after, soul mates, and the love of Romeo and Juliet.  I believe in the magic found in moonlight, the lure of slow music, the peace seen in sunsets, candlelight dinners, chivalry, and submitting to my mate.

Truth is the world doesn’t know because being strong is what I’m required to show, I can’t be hearts and flowers and roses galore navigating a path in today’s society, I must, I have to be tough as nails and twice as strong.

Truth is I don’t want or desire to be superwoman, I patiently wait a visit from Superman – most especially when there’s a spider crawling or a tire that needs changing or say the car makes a ticking sound I wasn’t prepared for. Oh, the trash, how could I forget the trash!!

Truth is the hardest job for a woman is hiding behind the facade of strength that just doesn’t exist, hiding from the world all the romantic feelings and desires and holding onto the misconception that being strong alone is enough.

Truth is I’ve tossed my cape in the trash repeatedly, I’ve torn it to shreds and stomped on it, I’ve burned it to ashes – I’ve done all of this and had to clean and piece that cape back together because society has shown me being romantic is unreasonable and wasted on a world where emotions will be trampled on daily.

Truth is no matter how strong I am I’ll always be just a big romantic, a huge romantic that will hide behind the strength of the power of Superwoman that’s waiting and desiring and wondering where her Superman is. Truth is most women I know are waiting for the opportunity to be rescued by that forever, ever, the hero to sweep her off her feet and hide her body behind his as he tackles every known and unknown issue she may face.

Truth is we wait for Superman that will make us love flowers and roses and hand holding and slow kisses on Saturday mornings, matching outfits for Sunday church, someone to battle the huge or small spider that suddenly appears.

Truth is being Superwoman is much better with Superman near.

Image: by soliejordan, Pixabay

Rosalind Stewart-Jackson aka Roz

A fierce mother of five, loving grandmother of 15, Rosalind is full of an overprotective all inclusive love of those who belong to her, she loves fiercely, completely and believes in giving one hundred percent of herself. 
A lover of words, random facts, researching, and the Bible – Roz writes her thoughts, dreams and inspirations to share with her closest friends.
A firm believer of love, life, laughter and loyalty, seeking any opportunity to take a quick road trip or a mini-vacation. 


  • Reply July 4, 2018

    Tonya Jackson-Smith

    This moved me in many ways. I have always stood still waiting on Superman.

  • Reply July 6, 2018


    This is an amazing read! I love it!

  • Reply July 6, 2018


    Truth is…..this is incredibly spoken. A beautiful perception of who you are

  • Reply July 6, 2018

    Ed Stewart

    Roz, I absolutely love this and is so proud of you. Continue to bless us with your words.

  • Reply July 6, 2018

    Sabra Strickland

    Such powerful words and play on words. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Reply July 6, 2018


    So true and worded perfectly . We all wear the cape and love to be able to take it off…

    The words describe it perfectly! Superwoman is always stronger with her Superman.
    Love, Love it!!!

  • Reply July 6, 2018


    Love is the only truth worth holding on to

  • Reply July 6, 2018


    Rosalind paints a vivid picture of the warrior masks women, and often men, wear to hide their vulnerabilities. “Truth Is” depicts romance and the craving for intimacy in a generation that’s so social they forget to be social. And yes, being super human is much better in the company of another mutant-like, polar opposite. Excellent piece!

  • Reply July 6, 2018

    Faye G

    This was a very thought provoking piece. Ms. Roz, is a masterful true wordsmith. It’s quite evident within the body of this article. I look forward to reading more of her work.

  • Reply July 6, 2018


    Insightful and well said. Hopefully that superman will show up and be there for those days when you just don’t feel like donning your own cape!

  • Reply July 6, 2018

    Cassandra Williams

    After reading this article, I was enlightened. This piece is beautifully written and well put together. Stay encouraged your superman was waiting to hear these words….Love you sis

  • Reply July 8, 2018

    Fronia Ford

    This article speaks the TRUTH about relationships, love, and perceptions. I’ve read it several times, and each time, it resonates in a different way.

  • Reply July 11, 2018

    Tiffanie Franklin

    More of Mrs. Rosalind Jackson-Stewart’s work please and thank you!!!

  • Reply September 4, 2018

    Toya Kahlilah

    When I first read this I was unable to comment. It was hard realizing that I needed that “thing” that I also didn’t want. To need someone means I need validation,security that I don’t alone provide. But my soul…My superwoman,she craves her Superman. Right now that reality is still Kryptonite to my psyche…Unable to unleash those deepest desires that ever so often float to the surface for air just to again…Sink below…Sink deep,sink dark into the abyss of the third person in me…Of her. I needed this…You always know what I need Rozzie

  • Reply November 7, 2018


    I love this!! I feel as though this was much needed. This was so deep and very well spoken. I need more from you Roz!!

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