Alabama Connections: The Circle

So an important part of my trip to Alabama was the workshop held, whose second half turned into a powerful healing ceremony. I remember teaching about the state of Wuji – Emptiness, also known as Sunyata. I pointed out that the medicine wheel, mandala, and all these sacred circles represented this place where the Elemental Mother Wisdom resided. Wuji, Sunyata, and the Yoruba concept of Orun are represented by the sacred mirror of the Mother.

I also remember pointing out that these circles had different directions, nations represented within them. I pointed out that if you take out one nation from the circle no longer have a circle but a broken circuit board, where the light cannot flow. That led me into the story of Slavery and Colonialism – the narrative that broke our Circle and led to horrible abuses, including the abuse of our Mother Earth.

Omileye descending the steps of the Indian Mound, where ceremony was held.

I explained if we do not deal with our broken circle and narrative, there can be no true oneness; we keep on carrying those old stories in our implicit memory. I noticed one or two people felt very uncomfortable when I began to mention the truths of how colonialism changed our Earth story. I remember the concept of the fact we arose from aliens coming up in a subtle way. Not that I don’t believe in forces beyond us, but I also believe if we are to get ourselves out of the quandary we are in, we must deal with important facts here on Earth . In fact, everything about pointing out the Colonial narrative bounced against walls of exasperated silence pauses and outer resistance.

Someone told me recently that this is “the era of Truths.” When we speak about the Mother energy, she has come to tell the truths of who we are, how we got here, and how we need to return home. Tracing our journey away from home and to home is reflected in the inner journey and the outer journey we must make together. This journey is reflected in the story of Osun Passes the Sun. It was a journey of courage and saving the world. Ultimately, it was the story of compassion, which gave the fuel to face the Truths.

-YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis M.Ed, NCC, LPCA is often referred to as an old spirit in a modern world who travels to local and international communities sharing universal and indigenous ceremonies and wisdom teachings which nurture compassion, oneness, balance and a sustainable planet. She is an international award-winning author of several books, former national UK journalist, fifth generation Wisdom keeper, storyteller, and sacred artist of Afro Caribbean roots.

A mother of two she is also a licensed contemplative clinical mental health psychotherapist, a licensed school counselor, a trained SEED Facilitator, and an inclusion and diversity consultant. She, along with her husband, have co-founded several organizations and projects: YeyeOsun, the Institute of Four Elemental Mother’s Compassion and Wisdom in Action; renown international Humanity for Water Awards; and UNICEF Interfaith WASH Alliance (founded with other world and cultural leaders). Her work and strength of visions has been recently blessed and recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kuten La, the Tibetan State Oracle and United Nations. Omileye has also received several ancient distinguished African spiritual titles and roles including Yeye Osun and Crown of Osun, is the award winner of the prestigious Prince’s Trust Award, and has a passion for working with children, diversity, and the environment. She has just founded her own private integrative and contemplative diversity counseling practice and consultancy.

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