Endurance for Social Change

Several years ago, three heart-centered black women combined their deeply felt emotions and, combined with their intellectual gifts, managed to inaugurate the Black Lives Matter organization. The endurance test immediately began as the opposition was enormous, challenging, and rivaled by those who knew the BLM movement could evolve unprecedented social change. As membership and allegiance for BLM quickly marshaled, it became evident that the construct of endurance unfolded and continues to this day. People from all walks of life and nations worldwide recognized and accepted the intent of the movement for social change. 

Is it the virtue of hope that allies endurance? As an athlete approaches the winning line, where is her mind? When a movie director states: “It’s a go!” or when a political battle sees victory, what goes through the emotional fields of life at that moment? Can it be that hope offers subliminal energies as a gift from the Divine, which offers needed endurance to participate for social modification?

Lately, my writings often reflect the realms of Divine Humanity, which gives me urges and impulses to continue with my thoughts. What I sense are intense emotions of encouragement to keep a headlong quest for completion. Can we agree that this behavior exemplifies endurance?   

It will be great if everyone could attribute some of their subliminal energy to the prospect of a migration toward a divine humanity where diversity and ethnicity of cultures are the baselines for managed peace and prosperity. 

Concerning such social change, can we come to terms that hope does indeed offer the constituents for endurance?

Robert Gerard

Robert Gerard

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

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