The Vibration of Patience


Straight up, the vibration of patience is about surrender, release, detachment, and allowing. What am I talking about when I say the vibration of patience? I am speaking about your flow of frequencies. I am speaking of the electromagnetic field that surrounds your body and mine. This field is your vibrational flow. Vibrational alignment is my thang, my jam, my jive, my vibe, my passion. So, let’s talk about the vibration of patience.

When I think about patience, I think about waiting for or anticipating an outcome of an experience or situation. According to the Oxford languages dictionary, patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. We tend to expect things instantly in our rush, rush life. We’re so accustomed to having everything literally at our fingertips that we often react through frustration, irritation, and anger when we can’t or don’t have instant results. How does this affect our vibrational flow? And how does our vibrational flow affect our daily experiences?

Our vibrational flow takes the direction of our emotions. If we anticipate through frustration, irritation, or anger, our flow will follow and connect us with more situations or experiences to feel those same emotions. If we are anticipating through joy and excitement, our flow will connect us with more conditions and experiences to feel those same emotions.

Patience can keep us grounded and centered in the joy and excitement path of our experiences.

Patience = surrender your control of the outcome.                                                                   

                           Patience = release the “how-to” details of the process                                                                                        Patience = detachment from the results                                               

                                                         Patience = allow the flow of knowing to do its thing.

Remember that you always have the choice of where your frequencies are flowing. You are the only one living your life. You can choose to feel anxious, struggle to control the situation, and bring about more of these experiences. Or you can choose to be in a state of joy, excitement, and gratitude for continued progress and bring about more situations to bring feelings of gratitude and joy.

Just asking, wouldn’t you rather wait for fresh blueberries to be in season for the sweetest burst of flavor and wait for the fresh eggs needed to bake the most delicious muffins that melt in your mouth? Or would you just as soon hook up an iv bag with a blueberry muffin fluid to give you instant stuff? I’m waiting for blueberries! 




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