Mixed Media Artist: Patricia Coleman-Cobb

The moment I met the characters in the work of Patricia Coleman-Cobb, I knew they needed to grace the pages of Garden Spices. Fashioned after the whimsy of the artist, Cobb’s work is multi-dimensional and has personalities we recognize.  Garden Spices welcomes this renowned artist, Patricia Coleman-Cobb.  Gate open! – Victorine

About the Artist

Patricia Coleman-Cobb is an award-winning designer. Her collection includes many works of art including soft sculptured dolls; clay sculpted figures and busts, and her newest addition of beautifully framed mixed media sculpted pieces. Ms. Coleman-Cobb has personally handcrafted each and every detail of her collection.

The collection has received an enthusiastic response from the public. Serious collectors from across the globe have collected these one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces. Her work has been featured in galleries, magazines, newspapers, books, traveling exhibits, and television.

Ms. Cobb was born in Philadelphia and is a graduate of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Clothing and Textiles. Before evolving into a full-time artist, she taught at The Art Institute of Philadelphia for twelve years.


Artist Statement:

“In the process of meshing myself in the concept of the piece I am working on, it is hard to distinguish myself from the vision on the canvas.    There is a melding that happens, that takes me to a level where I must relinquish my control and let the universe guide the evolution of what is happening before me. 

I believe that a true Artist is one that is chosen by the Art…and not one that has chosen the Art.”


From  “Emotions” (One-of-a-kind series)


Soft Sculptured Collectible Dolls

Ma dear


Faces and Profiles of Courage


See completed works of Patricia Coleman-Cobb

Patricia Coleman-Cobb

Books/CD by the Artist

Angels In The Mud
Memoirs of an Artist

“Angels In The Mud” is a wonderful conversation piece and would be a lovely addition to your coffee table collection. This talented artist takes you on a soulful voyage intertwining her life and her art with a common thread. This book is a 148-page work of art with pictures of Ms Cobb’s characters and stories about her life that caress the mind and soothe the spirit.
Softback – $15 (plus $6 shipping)
We accept Paypal and all major credit cards


​I am proud to announce the arrival of my newest book!


“CONFESSIONS FROM THE CLOTH” is a 176-page collection featuring my dolls in photos, matched on the page with story-poems inspired by these characters. These writings chronicle multi-layered reflections on life and relationships—of seduction and delight; of betrayal, or loss, and regret. I am sharing these reflections with you in “soft-spoken” writings that are at times humorous, teasing, or sassy, and at other times provocative, sensual and romantic.

Contact Information

Softback – $15 (plus $6 shipping)
We accept Paypal and all major credit cards 

Patricia Coleman-Cobb on You Tube



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  • Reply January 5, 2022

    Toni Taylor

    I was introduced to Partricia Coleman-Cobb and her outstanding creations several years ago at the Zora Neale Huston Festival in Florida. I became an instant fan and admirer of her stunning work which is truly a reflection of her beautiful soul. Patricia deserves all of the accolades she has rightfully earned. Thank you for featuring her in your publication! Congrats Pat!

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