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Vicki Goldston

This Issue:  Intentions!

The Staff of Life Cafe’ and Bed and Breakfast


Copy Editor
Lois Crabtree

Core Contributors



Dr. Joyce Brown

Garden Spices Author’s Corner

Dr. Robert Gerard

Robert Gerard

An Expose’ on Intent

William L. Kennedy

Thanks for Listening:  The Road to Good Intentions


Rev. Carol Landry

The Road to Hell…

M. LaRae

Garden Spices Author’s Corner

Susan Peters

Evolving Intentions


Tekla A. Syers

No Talking Yo-Yo Ma Edition

Gloria Lawson Sylvester

Rev. Dr. Robert Yarbrough

Rev, Robert Yarbrough

Shifting Plan for Intentions

Guest Contributors

Jonathan David Cain

Re:  Intentions

Sgt. Everett L. Carter


Chinedu Chibbee

Work in Progress:  Arist Chinedu Chibbee

Dr. Russell Clayton

Words by Dr. Russell Clayton

Patricia Coleman Cobb

Mixed Media Artist:  Patricia Coleman Cobb

Helene Fielder

Pathway to Innovation:  Pottery of Helene Fielder

Tatiana Gibs

Edible Sensations by T.

Mikel Elam

Stepping Stones:  Artful Intentions

Aaron Johnson

Native. Tongue:  Reverse Tie Dying Unitees


Carlyn Saunders


Staff of Life Cafe’ and Bed and Breakfast:  Vegan Splendor



Desmond Ugiagbe

Metal Works:  Desmond Andrew Aisosa Ugiagbe


Peggye Weaver