Let’s Keep Moving! Real C-kle Art

His artwork  blazes with hope and promise.  Clement Larvea’s (C-kle) art therapy infuses the global community with vibrant images that speak to the language of healing.  Welcome, C-kle to Garden Spices.  Gate open – Victorine

About the Artist
Clement Larvea, better known as C-kle, is a self thought artist with a technique of bold brush strokes . This young man is an art therapist, an entertainer and a preacher of art, not only that but love to give to the less privilege as well. He creates inspiring contemporary art and a portraits of people from Ghana, his home country in Africa. His work is sold throughout the Capital City of Accra in tourist hotels,malls and galleries as well as internationally like The Parallax Art Fair in London and The Art Revolution in Taiwan. And his work has given him continued exposure and sales throughout the world.

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