Stepping Stones



In honor of Black History Month I chose this image to represent the reality that we all live here. Unless we divide the states in half ,White America and People of Color America ; we must learn to cohabitate .

Of course some of the presumed fears of White America will be one day a country of mixed breeds will dominate . The concept created by White American that an ounce of Black Blood will make a White person Black is an interesting thought . With many of these presumably blue blooded Anglo Saxons will find they are already mixed . It doesn’t have to be just a mix of Black blood either .

So as we see culture mixing does that also mean when a White person likes Black music they are instantly black? Does it mean a Black person who likes Heavy metal become white? No! It means you are attracted to what you like because of your own development. To simplify we are who we are by part DNA part evolution part orientation. The brain , the heart, the spirit of a person is worth way more than just a skin tone . Yes I believe Black is a beautiful color .Maybe because I am Black . However it doesn’t mean I think other cultures are less beautiful. I defend my color because so much opposition has been attached to it in this nation. I wish everyone a joyous day .#blackhistorymonth#blackisbeautiful#blackisthesameoldblack#blacklivesmatter#blackportraiture#

Mikel Elam