Indian Summer: Magical ‘n Marvelous!



Laurel and Stuart Heiss

This was taken by a lovely young East Indian woman, who was with her large extended family in the Smokies for the first time… we took ALL their photos here too… spent 1/2 hour laughing with all of them… so lovely! NEVER saw SO many Indian families, (many with handfuls of multi-colored leaves, all hiking the trails together) EVER in the USA in any place… it was rather magical n marvelous!!

Laurel Heverly Heiss

Laurel 3Laurel is a singer, songwriter, mentor, teacher, wife, mother, and birth/labor coach, church planter, actress, dancer, writer, producer, crew member at Trader Joe’s Nashville, and founder of “Finding Hope,” a Skype-based counseling/life coach/mentoring program. As a  follower of the teachings of Christ, Laurel has made it her life goal to welcome, encourage and walk alongside others on the journey of discovering lasting hope, speaking truth in love, celebrating the wonders of life, love and JOY of living, in working together on this amazing planet of ours with grateful and peaceful hearts.


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