New Age – 6:00PM

This poem was written six years ago after a tumultuous breakup. This poem is my “wisdom to know the difference” as it applies to love and relationships. I am thankful for the sadness during this time in my life, because it made me stronger, wiser, and better.



New Age-6:00 pm


And I want to strum your guitar

Pick out the melody that was supposed to be played

Wood and strings adversely connected

By sympathetic notes

And a tune that sounds like Jimi Hendrix with the Holy Ghost

My feet burn with the wrestling of the night

And my arms are tied down

Penned down are my thoughts

Trapped by ink rich enough to be eaten

And pinned down is my heart

You say nothing good comes of it

And I close my eyes and see a picture of us

Happy Birthday!

I guess you’re right

We are nothing, good.


– Tammy Rhodes

11017520_10100311876041545_4036606512367697258_nTammy Rhodes was born in Florence and raised in Muscle Shoals. “The Shoals is my home and I love it here.” She is an Administrative Assistant at the University of North Alabama, and is a minister, singer, director, actress, and poet. “I work in one of the most diverse offices on the campus of UNA. I am a proud dog mommy to my true loves, Shug and Doozy! I’ve been known to hum a little bit and to spit some spoken word every now and again. But mainly I am a thriving spirit trying every day to leave a positive imprint on the world.”


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