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The look of guilt, but glad he’s home.

I was in the yard bagging weeds and felt a stillness after my dog barked at teens in the alley. I called his name and no response, walked to the front of house, called him, and nothing. Ran in the house to get my purse and keys, and drove for blocks looking up the streets, alleys and nearby park for 30 minutes. I came home and had no idea if I’d see him again, and resigned myself to that fact. I left the back door open and stayed in the kitchen, just in case he would return on his own, as most dogs do in time. I said a prayer that he would appear on the porch, and within ten minutes of praying I heard a jingle. His collar let me know to turn my head, and there he was, soak and wet.

Granted, he wasn’t too pleased about the rain, as he won’t go outside if it’s a drizzle, but was adventurous this evening. I chastised him, cussed, rubbed him, dried him off, then made my dinner, and now chewing on a T-bone from my steak, that I surely deserved after my day earlier, but that’s another story……’won’t get into that!

Long story short, like my mama would say..leave them alone and they will come home, wagging their tails behind them.’ 😄

-Debra Flint-Salter

Debra Flint-Salter is a Chicago Independent Business Owner whose business has flourished by word of mouth and who is now in cyber-space.  Contact her at:  Just An Illusion, Inc.,

Call (773) 354-8452

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