Excerpt from Spicy: Abundance Bakery and MY Upside-down Cupcakes

So, I was commenting on a post about what identifies Chicago, (thanks, Lorraine), and I posted a picture of Abundance. Bakery.  I couldn’t believe that I was publishing an issue of Garden Spices Magazine on the topic, Abundance and that I had not thought of my Chicago crave or the place that satisfies it.  My must-have on my visits…the delectable Uncle Villy’s Upside-Down Cupcake(s), from Abundance Bakery.  Notice the plural?  Just one won’t do.   I can never wait long enough to get to the Bronzeville bakery to buy one; Co-owner,  my sistah-friend, Janice Ball has to bring me my stash, which I guard and savor like Cujo.  I’m like the Godfather eating his cannoli; it’s serious.  What?!!!

Quick story:  My friend, Pat Kline had a gathering for me at her home.  As usual, friends mingled throughout her home.  I was upstairs when Janice rang the doorbell and entered the kitchen.  As grace would have it, I was by myself in the kitchen, where she handed me my golden goose – the cupcakes.  I went into stealth mode and hid them behind one of the appliances.  Was there enough to share?  Never…until I get my first bite. I went back downstairs to mingle.  Venturing back upstairs for whatever, (certainly not to have a bite of cupcake), I noticed one of my nieces, Iman, eating one of my an Uncle Villy.  I looked at Pat, with horror and asked, “Where did that cupcake come from?”  She pointed to the bag that was clearly mine. 

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