Artist Cecil Bernard: Connections

“The Bond” I usually don’t just do this kind of thing but since my Mom passed last week I know she was a Daddy’s girl and her Dad died when she was 7. I also coached my basketball 🏀 daughter in high school !!!” – Cecil Bernard

Part of my Black History Art Show at the legendary Cascade United Methodist Church !!! Grateful for this opportunity !!!

“The newest Cecil Bernard piece in my living room (one the left) and the other in my hall…it brings peace to my home. Art makes my home a healing sanctuary. Get you a Cecil Bernard or two in your home, office, or business…. call him at 678.462.0315” Derrick Boazman


Artist Cecil Bernard  was born in Austin, Texas, and started drawing at the age of six. He moved to Dallas when he was ten years old, living there until adulthood. He started selling art while in high school and later while attending Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas.  254773_205668169491673_282408_n

Bernard’s acrylic abstracts, pastel paintings, and ink sketches exhibit great power. “Passion, color, texture, spontaneity, and balance are the core of my acrylic abstract paintings and contemporary jazz and music pieces,” says Bernard.

“Inspired by the struggle, humor, and spirituality in the balance of life, I paint – usually without a brush.” Bernard’s unique method of painting – often using his hands, cardboard or rags – has become one of his trademarks. “I pour the paint, I throw it, I drop it and I spray it,” he says. “Colors have value in every painting, and the color itself is spiritual if arranged in a manner that speaks to the soul and stirs the passion of the beholder. Every painting tells a story. No matter how simple, no matter how complex.”

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  • Reply October 3, 2020

    S. Thrasher

    Great feature on Cecil Bernard, enjoyed and agree with comments of DB – Derrick Boazman.
    Thanks, Miss Sharon

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