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Artist Fred Odle has been a Creative for a very long time; it is always a better question to ask, “How long have you not been an artist than the other way around. He is more interested in the “creation of” rather than any specific category; he prefers to be known as a ‘Creative.’ This label gives a more accurate description of his skillsets and unlimited scope (we are what we call ourselves).

Taking a queue from an artistic uncle who was more of a big brother, Fred started doodling, making kites, flowers from plastic bags, then weaving.  A self-taught person, he did art class at 15 yrs and found it boring and dropped out; he was still creating on the side and made it a permanent thing back in ’88 till today.

Fred’s personal statement is, “Creating is my addiction.” He paints pictures and textiles, builds masks, wood and stone, does airbrushing, graphic design and signage, and dabbles in photography, producing over (20) items, including his popular handpainted bags and wooden wall hangings.  

His work is collected worldwide. As a creative option/hobby, he is into music-making using some of the electronic instruments available on the market. According to him, a choice had to be made between the two – artwork or music professionally. He has exhibited in the US, South America, and the Caribbean. To see his work, please visit;


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heartland hands





















lips copy1

insta Coffee&Donut



-Fred Odie

Visit Barbados and catch him in Holetown.  I’m happy I did. Victorine


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