Becoming An Ageless Queen!

The buried poet has decided to come out and play this month.

Numerology says that my current double-digit age, combined a certain way, becomes the prime number 3. The attributes of which are completion, perfection and unity. Distilling my essence to a number that cannot be divided equally beckons me to bring forth my unbridled self. With that said, I do hereby hail myself an Ageless Queen!

Bringing the attributes of perfection, completion and unity; and drawing the disparate parts of my life into a fuller embrace, I finally accept the Divine’s whisperings to slow up half a step and savor life more fully. I am determined to let this life’s tender, tasty morsels linger on my tongue and dribble down my chin so that I delight in both the succulence, texture and pleasure of all my experiences. I do hereby hail myself an Ageless Queen!

I seize more time to excavate and discover the unexplored aspects of myself; I take time to experience and say, “Yes” to celebrate my imperfections. I no longer have the need to hide them or explain them, they are a part of me and I have earned them. Yes-I-did.

My life has prepared me to lead and I enjoy being just a little ‘bossy.’ When one knows how things should go, that does not make one bossy that makes one the boss. Thank you Beyoncé Knowles for saying aloud, what we Ageless Queens already knew.

I own the wrinkles and lines that have silently crept upon my face while I stepped through, over and beyond trials and tribulations scattered across the ragged roadmap of my life. As I move toward the sound of victory trumpets blowing in the distance, I joyously dance. I do hereby hail myself an Ageless Queen!

As I join the ageless Queens before me, I am learning that I don’t have to do everything and that tasks don’t always have to be done quickly, or all at once! Multi-tasking was, for me, born of necessity – not choice.  If there was something to be other than a devoted wife and a doting mother, space and time had to be found. An inspiration set to paper while sorting laundry, random thoughts simmered and stewed along with dinner. A moment of literary clarity between homework checking. My inner life was born and my talents blossomed while my family slept. I am joyously aware that I don’t need to do as much of that now! Hail the ageless Queen.

Joy is quietly witnessing the panorama of options playing out in my children and grandchildren’s lives as they gather near me noisily, splashing, playing, and laughing. I revel in the fact that choices that I have made, influenced and lent shape to who they are. Joy is the gift of clarity that comes from knowing that neither the risks, the multi-tasking, the pleasure nor the pain of my life was born of vanity. It all had profound meaning. The plantings of my life are bearing fruit and I have earned my space among the Ageless Queens.

– Susan D. Peters

S PetersSusan D. Peters, aka, Ahnydah (ah-NIE-dah) Rahm, brings a wealth of experience gained as an expatriate living in West Africa. Her memoir Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot, received the Black Excellence Award for Non-Fiction from the African American Alliance of Chicago and the Mate E. Palmer award for Non-Fiction from the Illinois Press Women’s Association. Broken Dolls, Susan’s second book, represents her foray into the mystery market and is the first of a series featuring Detective Joi Sommers as its heroine. Her work is featured in three anthologies, Baring It All, the Ins and Outs of Publishing, Signed, Sealed, Delivered … I’m Yours, a contemporary romance anthology, and The Anthology of the Illinois Woman’s Press Association. Buy her books online and at

Cover Photo by Jahna Vashti Fine Art on Etsy.

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