Behind The Scenes at the Black Women’s Expo



The theme of this issue of Garden Spices Magazine is work.  When we think of work, it is mainly about our work, the work we don’t want to do.  But how often do we consider the amount of work that has to happen to produce our favorite products or the events we enjoy.  We watch television with every expectation that the tv will turn on immediately.  If we want to access the internet or watch a program on a streaming platform like Netflix, we get annoyed if it takes too long to load. Suspending events in 2020, due to COVID-19, a tremendous amount of work goes into bringing a live in-person event to life. But not just work, a huge amount of cooperation and collaboration between dozens of companies, professionals, services, and resources.  By the time we show up at the gate, we only see the result of months of planning and coordination.

Here is a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Black Women’s Expo as it prepares for an expected throng of visitors over the weekend.  The Expo is their first in-person event since 2019.  The expectation and excitement are high.

The venue: McCormick Place North building, filling two hundred thousand square feet with over 300 exhibitors spaced to be socially distant.  The design and construction of the show floor layout are by Show Strategy, Inc., headed by Glenn Charles, Jr.  The hundreds of people expected to attend will have no clue or curiosity about how it all came together.

Everything we enjoy takes some work to make it happen.  Thank you to Editor and Publisher Vicki Goldston for corralling the Garden Spices writers and putting out an issue.

Until next time.

 The BWE Next marketing flyer

Readying for the event

Black Women’s Expo 2021 at McCormick Place.  The space looks different with hundreds of people.


Featured Photo: Chelsea Whittington, C Whitt PR

Deborah Gray Young


Deborah is an ICF accredited coach working primarily with professional women of color to help them better manage their personal and professional brands to achieve their next levels of success. She is also the author of three books.


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