A Case of Carson

What happens when an eclectic style maven has a fire in her home and loses her clothes?  In the case of  Carson Traylor, she turned her closet upside down, cleaned what she could of her collection, wore whatever people gave her with ease, and went right on steppin’.”I felt like the fire was some kind of spiritual thing,” says Carson laughing. “I wanted to get rid of excess, and that was just what I got!”  Carson had a chance to process the fire in a spiritual way, and now she practices having “less stuff.”  Carson also dresses by the way she feels.

“I used to be pretty conservative in the way I dressed,” admits Carson.  “Then I became out of the box, and so did the clothing I chose.”  She dresses the way she feels.  “Everything I wear makes me feel good.”  She wears clothing to test how she feels, and “if they don’t make me feel good, I give them away. (Since the fire), it’s easy to let clothes go.”  Most of what she wears comes from others.

It isn’t always her clothing; it’s the subtleties – the hats, boots, stockings, jewelry, the tone-on-tone, muted fabrics.  It’s just Carson.


skirt=pillows, hat, shoes




 These earrings are special. They are the result of Carson’s visit with her “Sweet Aunt Sulyn Reach…”York Bluff Antiques left me styling these gorgeous jewels!


                   necklace, shrug






“Grandmother embellished this dress.”


-Carson Traylor

Carson is a student at the University of North Alabama and a Design Assistant at the French Basket in Florence, AL.  She enjoys nature, cooking, animals, and decorating.

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