Work in Progress: Artist Chinedu Chidebe

I was mesmerized by the work of Nigerian artist, Chinedu Chidebe, haunting, yet spiritual, revolutionary, yet peace- provoking.  “Alignment” was the subject and piece that beckoned me to place his artwork in this issue.  Such a worthy intention, to be aligned. Welcome, Chinedu Chidebe. – Victorine

  Artist statement

As humans, we can be so vulnerable and fragile, which I try to capture in my Work. I am drawn to creating expressionistic pencil drawings, some of which are in most cases left loose and unfinished at some parts to create a sense of ‘Work in progress.” This process gives viewers of my Work an opportunity to become part of my creative process by filling in the raw areas with whatever they think is missing, making my Work serve as a mirror for us to view and see something about ourselves.

Drawing inspiration from my personal experience, my Work focuses on the dark experiences we can’t explain, the feelings we can’t speak about, which I feel we should try to understand, question, respond to, learn from, and never ignore.

“Dark Noise ii” Charcoal, graphite and ink on paper, 34 x 42 inches, 2021.

Acrylic and oil on canvas
34 x 38 inches

Mixed media on canvas
36″ x 36″
“In my quest to find new ways of expressing my self, this war within the surface keeps going on and on…..”

🔴 Sold
She’s been waiting
28 x 36 inches
Pencil drawing on paper


Finished drawing
pencil drawing on paper
85cm x 58cm
Available for purchase

Artist bio 

Chinedu Chidebe (b.1998) is a visual artist working and living in Nigeria. His passion for art has been evident from a very young age, pushing him to pursue a career in art. He has trained in the studios of Onyi Atuonah and Dennis Ani, respectively, as a painter. He has also studied fine and applied art at the University of Nigeria Nsukka (painting major).

Chinedu has achieved a level of mastery in using charcoal and graphite to create his works and has continually drawn inspiration from his personal experience. His works explore themes on mental health issues and socio-political issues he can relate to. In addition, he creates monochrome drawings, which creates a strong emotional connection between the Work and its viewer. 

Chinedu Chinese



 Enugu, Nigeria. 



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