Heart Warming
Heart Breaking
Holy and Love Making

Miraculous with Incantations

Hope Filled
Heart Chilled
Wondrous then Joy Killed

Dancing with Sorrows
Into Mystified tomorrows
Futures Unfolding
History Beholding

Refuge and Solace
Road Weary, Solstice
Living with Boldness
In Quiet Remoteness

Death and Destruction
Wonder and Unction
Redemption and Function
Lives in Reduction

Wishing for Death
But Choosing for Life
Living into Wonder
In a Universe of Strife

Acting with Kindness
Beautiful and Bright
Miraculous Moments
Together in Life

Choosing to BE this Welcoming Way
In THIS Place, I choose to stay.


This poem dedicated with greatest love, to Adriel Denae, Cory and Rhodes Chisel, Stu Heiss and Jacob Simon Heiss

Photo by Michele Rion

Laurel Heverly Heiss

Laurel 3Laurel is a singer, songwriter, mentor, teacher, wife, mother, and birth/labor coach, church planter, actress, dancer, writer, producer, crew member at Trader Joe’s Nashville, and founder of “Finding Hope,” a Skype-based counseling/life coach/mentoring program. As a  follower of the teachings of Christ, Laurel has made it her life goal to welcome, encourage and walk alongside others on the journey of discovering lasting hope, speaking truth in love, celebrating the wonders of life, love and JOY of living, in working together on this amazing planet of ours with grateful and peaceful hearts.

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