Chrisje Comvalius: Standing Strong

Stage and screen actress, educator, life coach –  the list goes on and on for Chrisje Comvalius.  A little over a year ago, her kitchen table in Amsterdam was the place to land for counsel, fun, and divine food.  Today, you must travel to Rotterdam to receive her wisdom/welcome.  Her house is smaller, but her countenance is broader.  -Victorine

Chrisje sent me photos of her new digs:

A view to the living room/dining area, flanked with global furniture.

Setee and large Indonesian table welcome guests. Screens divide spaces.

A room with a view!  She asked me if I remembered her Haitian boxes.  I do! 


A workplace governed by an ancestral picture of Grandma and family

Grandmother, picture perfect with grandchildren.

This new season holds another gem for Holland, Chrisje on a runway with Lady Africa Designer Fashion!!  Oh yes, and I am sure there is more to come…











-Chrisje Comvalius

Beyond her career as an educator, from 2004 to 2008 Chrisje Comvalius had a starring role in the Dutch soap Good times, bad times . For this, she stood for three years in the theater with a monologue presentation entitled “Mastella,” which she picked up again in a repeat performance after her role in the soap in 2008, now under the direction of the author’s monologue, and those in the Netherlands and Suriname staged in 2008.  Chrisje currently has also nutured her soul through acting and coaching.  I just finished a pilot for a TV series; I have a role in a children’s movie, and I coach some young actors.”



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