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Women’s March A Tidal Wave of Momentum

Starrdust: Of Journey and of Choice – Columnist, RJ Starr

This Issue:  Journey(s)! – Vicki Goldston, Founder, Editor-in-Chief

Begin with Beauty – Guest Contributor, Elise Matich

Taking the Journey – Contributor, Barbara Tubbs Hil

Finding Thaddeus – Contributor, Susan Peters

Our Shortest Journeys – Contributor, Dr. Robert V. Gerard

New Directions:  My Personal Journey – Columnist, Linda Isbell

Arriving with Dignity – Guest Contributor, Annetta Deshawn Davis Allen Cole

Frank Malaba – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba

The Journey to the Cultural Kaleidoscope of Kolata – Contributor, Indrani Banerjee

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Sarin’s Thai:  Thai Mango Salad  – Columnist, Sarin Basley

Now is Not Then – Contributor, Rev. Robert Yarbrough

Journeys – Guest Contributor, Joyce Brown

Row:  Life is a Journey – Columnist, Rowena Nichols

Posts from Faeez Van Doorsen – Guest Contributor, Faeez Van Doorsen

Women’s March, a Tidal Wave of Momentum – Guest Contributor, Katy Peterson

E-mails from Jason – Columnist, Major Jason Carter

Paying Respect to Survivors:  A Journey Home – Guest Contributor, Ute Bonn

The Trip to Nowhere – Contributor, Marlon Hayes

Project Say Something:  History of Race in Florence, AL – Columnist, Brian Murphy

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Travel Bean:  Hola Mexico! – Columnist, Leonard Bean

Bernie Basley Photography – Contributor, Bernie Basley

I’m Here:  Letter to My Sons – Columnist, Taurus Bennett