New Directions:  Here’s to Your Health – Columnist, Linda Isbell

This Issue:  Health! – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston

I’m Still Standing – Contributor, Rosalind Jackson-Stewart

Food for Thought – Guest Contributor, Monita Sani, MD

Give Me Vitality – Guest Contributor, Tekla A. Syers

Mind+Body+Soul=Temple – Contributor, Collette Jones

Surviving in the Wake of Suicide – Dr. Joyce Brown

The Words of Russell Clayton – Guest Contributor, Russell Clayton, MD

Reflections – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba

If We Knew Better,  We Would Do Better – Contributor, Susan Peters


Page 2.

E-mails from Jason – Contributor,  Lt. Col., Jason Carter

Heal Thy-self – Contributor, Gloria Lawson Sylvester

I Wanna See the Rest of the Story – Contributor, Marlon Hayes

Bernie Basley Photography:  Floating Market – Contributor,  Bernie Basley

What Health Means to Me – Contributor, Rev. Robert Yarbrough

Trauma-Informed Community Movement – Guest Contributor, Chaplain Donrico Colden

Holisitc Medicine:  Making the Connection – Guest Contributor, Dr. Deborah Carter, Victorine

Adriana Peeples: A Cavernous Angioma Survivor – Guest Contributor, Adriana Peeples


Page 3.

Health as a Word – Contributor, Dr. Robert V. Gerard