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Bernie’s dour expression is one of exasperation from my photography effort

Web of Life Connections – Contributor, Rev. Wanda Gail Campbell, Ph.D.

This Issue:  Connection! – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston

Connection: Beyond Buzz, Megabytes,  and Algorithms – Guest Contributor, Debora Gray-Young

Beyond Beuty:  The Quilts of Gee’s Bend – Guest Contributor, Christi Britten

In Your Image – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba

Alabama Connection:  The Circle – Guest Contributor, Omileye Archibald Lewis

The Warmth of Energy:  Home with Nedra Shelton – Guest Contributor, Nedra Shelton, Victorine

Goin’ In:  We Are Connected – Deal with It! – Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown

Where I’m Supposed to Be… – Contributor, Marlon Hayes

Connection:  My Work, My Gift, My Salvation – Contributor, Susan Peters



Connections:  Physical vs. Psychological – Contributor, Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Poetry by Jon Perdue – Guest Contributor, Jon Perdue

Blossom:  Me and My Bro – A Lifetime Connection – Victorine

Project Say Something:  Voting Rights and Confederate Monuments – Contributor, Brian Murphy

Sarin’s Thai – Contributor, Sarin Basley

Creating a Relationship  of Earth Stewardship with The Earth – Contributor, Richard MacKay

Thanks for Listening: Connecting for Impact – Columnist, William Leroy Kennedy

Mysteries of Connection – Contributor, Collette Williams

Word by Russell Clayton:  Connection – Russell Clayton, MD