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David Walton celebrates 47 years of making music.

Living in Rhythm – Contributor, Marlon Hayes

This Issue:  Music!  – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston

Music – Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown

Starr Dust:  The Musical Staff as Awareness Itself – Columnist, RJ Starr

New Directions:  Dance On – Columnist, Linda Isbell

Goin’ In:  Music a Healing Balm – Contributor, Susan Peters

Sarin’s Thai: Papaya Salad – Columnist, Sarin Basley

The Universal Language – Contributor, Rev. Robert Yarbrough

Halfway Home:  A Post – Guest Contributor, Brittany Faith

Music is Life – Contributor, Collette Jones


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Profundity of Serendipity – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba

Glory Road Rag – Guest Contributor, Jake Berry

We Can All Muse A Little Music – Guest Contributor, Simeon Welch

Euterpe – Guest Contributor, Susan Wylie

Minor Infusion:  In Answer to a Friend’s Question – Victorine

Nite at the Opera – Contributor, Bernard Basley

Touch My Heart with a Song – Guest Contributor, Richard MacKay

A Post from Laura J. Delfino – Guest Contributor, Laura J. Delfino

Hello World:  “The NDO Passage,” [inspired by Billie Holiday’s “Stars Fell on Alabama” and “God Bless the Child”] – Columnist, Dr. Anna Lott

JL Yoga:  Karmic Challenge – Contributor, Justin Linderman


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The Opening – Contributor, Gloria Lawson Sylvester

Bestowing the Crown of Mamaki: Creating Unity – Guest Contributor, YeYe Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

Where Does Music Come From? – Contributor, Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell

Music’s Abode – Contributor, Dr. Robert Gerard

47 Years – Guest Contributor David Walton, Victorine

E-mails from Jason – Columnist, Lt. Colonel, Jason Carter

Blooming – Columnist, Linda Isbell, Victorine

Project Say Something:  Acting Up – Contributor, Brian Murphy



Stepping Stones:  Mom’s Recipe – Guest Contributor, Katy Peterson