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Dr. Joyce Brown, crowned and ready.

Goin’ In:  Shelter, What Shelter? – Contributor, Susan Peters 

This Issue:  Shelter! – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine 

A Safe Haven – Contributor, Marlon S. Hayes 

Lena & Me:  Christopher Smith – Guest Contributor, Christopher Smith, Victorine 

Sarin’s Thai: Salty Crab Salad with Mango Sauce and Lamb Yellow Curry – Columnist, Sarin Basley 

Shelter:  Healing Self Potraits of Victoria Lee Antoine Fisher – Guest Contributor, Victoria Lee Antoine-Fisher 

For My Children (working title) – Guest Contributor, Jon Perdue 

New Directions:  Emotional Shelter – Columnist, Linda Isbell 

A Little Love Stor(y) – Guest Contributor, Stephanie Willoughby 

There is No Shelter Either/Or – Contributor, Wanda Gail Campbel, PhD.


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Blossom:  Discovering Dr. Joyce Brown – Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown, Victorine 

Sheltering Spirit:  Art by Omileye – Guest Contributor, Omileye Archibald Lewis 

Shelter:  Heitz Hall, 1968-1969 – Contributor, Joyce Brown, Ph.D. 

Words by Russell Clayton:  Peae and Three C’s for Shelter – Guest Contributor, Russell Clayton 

From Frank Malaba’s Prosetry: Worth – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba 

Calls for Shelter – Contributor, Dr. Robert V. Gerard 

Que – Coontributor, LaQuanda Simpson 

E-mails from Jason – Contributor, Lt. Col. Jason Carter

Thanks for Listening:  Financial Shelter – Columnist, William Leroy Kennedy

God’s Shelter:  Poems by Shauna Smith – Guest Contributor, Shauna Smith

Stepping Stones:  Building Up Hope at Juneteenth 2019 – Contributor, Brian Hayes