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Teasha Renee having a ball in Amsterdam.

Featured Image:  Teasha Renee

The Utimate Katerer:  Dayna Latrice Kline – Guest Contributor, Dayna Latrice Kline, Victorine

This Issue:  Laughter – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine

Laughter, Always an Option – Contributor, Susan Peters

Cracking Up – Guest Contributor, Tekla A. Syers

New Directions:  Laugh On – Columnist, Linda Isbell

Gigi Takes The Grand Palace – Contributor, Bernie Basley

Laughter: Touching the Essence of Truth – Contributor, Dr. Robert B. Gerard

Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!!! Laughter Yoga Reallly is the Best Medicine – Guest Contributor Marqueeta Newell

Artwear by Ayanna Ali – Guest Contributor, Ayanna Ali, Victorine

Laughter – Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown


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Featuring Pepper, aka, Chicken – Contributors, RJ Starr, Pepe Villegas, and Victorine

Mama’s Medicine – Contributor, Marlon S. Hayes

JL Yoga – Contributor, Justin Linderman

Art by Malika Jackson – Guest Contributor, Malika Jackson

From the Heart:  Romaine Head – Guest Contributor, Romaine Head, Victorine

Lost Laughter – Contributor, Rosalind Stewart-Jackson, aka, Roz

Gardening with Que – Contributor, LaQuanda Simpson

E-mails from Jason – Columnist, Lt. Col. Jason Carter

Enjoying Life – Contributor, Rev. Robert Yarbrough

Laughter – Contributor, Barbara Tubbs Hill


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My Daddy was a Chemist of DEOS – Contributor, Gloria Lawson Sylvester

Merks – Contributor, Bernie Basley, Victorine

Laugh…Just Because – Contributor, Collette Jones


Stepping Stones

Guest Contributors – Pat Ricks Brewer, Diane Walton Butler, Vicki Goldston, Laurel Heverly Heiss, Linda Dunn Isbell, Wynn Wachtler Jeter, Edna Sullins Jones, Flora Kayfan, Lugenia Radford, Sheila Hayes Smiley, Chondra Collette Williams