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This Issue:  Intentions! – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston

Evolving Intentions – Contributor, Susan Peters

The Road to Hell… – Contributor, Rev. Carol Landry

The Frequency of Intention vs. Resolution – Contributor, M. LaRae

Meditation as Divine Intention – Contributor, Gloria Lawson Sylvester

Expose’ on Intent – Contributor,  Dr. Robert V. Gerard

No Talking, YoY o Ma Edition – Contributor, Tekla L. Syers

Intention – Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown

Words by Russell Clayton – Guest Contributor, Dr. Russell Clayton

William L. Kennedy, Both of his kids went to that place on his shirt – “Education first!”

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Metal Works:  Desmond Andrew Aisosa Ugiagbe – Guest Contributor, Desmond Ugiagbe

Pathway to Innovation:  The Pottery of Helene Fielder – Guest Contributor, Helene Fielder

Staff of Life Café’ and Bed and Breakfast:  Vegan Splendor – Guest Contributor, Carlyn Saunders, Victorine

Lives Laid Down:  Everett L. Carter, Sr. – Guest Contributor, Sgt. Everett L. Carter

Shifting:  Plan for It – Contributor, Dr. Rev. Robert Yarbrough

Mixed Media Artist:  Patricia Coleman-Cobb – Guest Contributor, Patricia Coleman-Cobb

Caribbean Kitchen:  Edible Sensations by T. – Guest Contributor, Tatiana Gibs

Thanks for Listening:  On the Road to Good Intentions – Columnist, William L. Kennedy

Moments – Guest Contributor, Peggye Weaver

Work in Progress:  Artist Chined Chidebe – Guest Contributor, Chinedu Chidebe


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Native Tongue:  Reverse Tie Dying Unitees – Guest Contributor, Aaron Johnson


Stepping Stones – Artful Intentions – Guest Contributor, Mikel Elam