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Somebody Out There Needs to Hear This – Contributor, Susan Peters

From Hester’s file of musicians

This Issue:  Inspiration! – Founder, Editor-in-Chief,  Vicki Goldston

That Yo Yo Ma – Contributor, Tekla A. Syers

This is a Test – Contributor, Deborah Gray-Young

Inspiration – Contributor, Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell

From my Kitchen:  Mushroom & Mutter – Contributor, Rasila Mamtora

Candid Conversations – Managing Editor – Pratik Mamtora

Inspiration:  Nursing Home Staff – Contributor, Dr. Joyce Brown

Artist Connie Hernandez:  Therartpy – Guest Contributor, Connie Hernandez, Victorine

Dreaming of Better Days – Contributor, Marlon S. Hayes


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Thanks for Listening:  Inspiration to Vote – Columnist, William Leroy Kennedy

My Happy Place – Guest Contributor Patti Boerger

By Michael Singer:  A Book Review by Susan Peters

Gardening with Que – Contributor, LaQuanda Simpson

Who’s Looking Out for the Children – Dr. Joyce Brown

Languages – Contributor, Richard MacKay

Inspiration – Guest Contributor, Dr. Jacqueline Osborne

Creatively Inspired: Zac Watson– Guest Contributors, Teasha Ford, Zac Watson

#Lockdownlessons – Orchestrated by Managing Editor – Pratik Mamtora,  Assisted by:

  Linda Isbell, Nicholas Radulescu, Camille Goldston Bennett, Bikundo Onyari, Marquetta Newell, Laurel Heverly Heiss, Anna Lott, Wanda Gail Campbell, Aria Lott, David Haws, Frank Malaba, Nanda Mamtora, Rasila Mamtora, Dipa Patel, Brian St. Hubert, Olivia Harris, Altagracia “Belle” Espinal, Yug Patel, Ami Thakkar, Robert V. Gerard, Pepe Villegas

Frank Malaba:  Inspiration – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba


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Inspired to Sew:  Darlene Jackson – Guest Contributor, Darlene Jackson, Victorine

Inspired by Dr. Russell Clayton – Guest Contributor, Dr. Russell Clayton

Art Inspired: Dymond Phillips – Guest Contributor, Dymond Phillips, Victorine

Pandemic’s Silver Lining –Columnist,  Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Spicy…A Garden Spices blog by Victorine

Ken Hester:  Photography Jazz – Guest Contributor, Ken Hester, Victorine

Poem for the Graduate – Guest Contributor, Sherryl Jackson Gill

Stepping Stones – Gratitude for COVID 19 service:

Camille, Taurus, Christian and Taurus Bennett, Sr. Deborah Carter, Dr. Russell Clayton, Dayna Latrice, Dr. Jacueline Osborne, Adriana Peeples, Susan Peters, Raub Welch