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Black in Thailand:  Bernard Basley – Contributor, Bernard Basley

This Issue: Release! – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Vicki Goldston, Image, Victoria Antoinne-Fletcher

The Time is Now – Contributor, Dr. Wanda Gail Campbell

You’re Working Late Tonight – Guest Contributor, Lareé Allston

For My Mother’s Eyes – Columnist, Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Black and Essential:  GW Harper – Guest Contributor,  GW Harper

Releasing the Illusion – Contributor, Susan Peters

Release – Contributor, Dr. Joyce. Brown

Let the Music Take You There – Guest Contributor, Dr.Kim M. Campbell

Girl, Let That Go! – Contributor, Deborah Gray-Young


Lessons Alabama Taught Me – Guest Contributor, Kasmine Roach

Fighting to Breathe:  Chronicles from Facebook – Guest Contributors, Frances A. Griffth Brown, Garielle Orlanya Fuqua, Renita T. Payne, Rhoda Faye Kelly Evans, Donricco Colder, Cheryl Green, Shirley Creed, Cassie Mebane, Sonny Sommers, Omileye Archibald Lewis, Charlene Carter, Contributor,Marlon Hayes, Kim Mitchell, Erica Padron, Takara Beathea-Gudell, Vicky Kirkman, Founder,Vicki Basley Goldston, Deanna Wolcott Kemp

New Directions: Strategies for Release – Columnist, Linda Isbell

Prosetry:  Frank Malaba – Contributor, Frank Malaba

Candid Conversations:  Michael Silaty – Guest Contributor, Michael Silaty, Managing Editor, Pratik Mamtora

Release Me:  By AriaCamille – Guest Contributor, AriaCamille

It is Time – Contributor, Bikundo Onyari

On Being a Stepdad – Guest Contributor, Hassahn Phenomenon

Designs for Urban Comfort – Guest Contributor, Rhonda Hardy

On Being a Dad in Turbulent Times – Guest Contributor,  Emilio Bucks Hardy


Sarin’s Thai:  Seafood Salad – Columnist, Sarin Basley

Mango Sevaiyan – Guest Contributor, Souvik Nath

Caribbean Kitchen:  Bullfoot Soup – Guest Contributor, Julies Gibs

On Being a Father:  An Interview with Daniel Knight – Guest Contributors, Daniel Knight, Rhonda Hardy

From Spicy…a Blog by Victorine:  Young’uns – Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Victorine

Release:  A Process – Guest Contributor – Gloria Lawson Sylvester

Dedication to the Family of George Floyd and Loved Ones – Guest Contributor, Victoria Lee Antoine Fisher

Always Magical:  Living with Janis Merrill-Gipson – Contributor, Janis Merrill-Gipson

Farm Life – Guest Contributor, Ute Bonn

A Celestial Spirit, My Mother, and How I Played Cupid for My Parents – Guest Contributor, Monita Soni MD



Press “Release” – Contributor, Barbara Tubbs Hill

Release, an Issue Throughout My Life! – Contributor, William Leroy Kennedy