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Hero Le and Merlin

The Importance of Completion – Dr. Robert V. Gerard

This Issue: Closure! – Welcome from Vicki Goldston

Healing Comes – Rev. Wanda Gail Campbell, Ph.D.

Forward March – Rev. Robert Yarbrough

In the Flow – Guest Contributor, Megan Lockwood Hayes

Case of Carson – Guest Contributor, Carson Traylor

My Dream: Creative Closure – Susan Peters

Tears of the South China Sea – Guest Contributor, Jennifer Tran

Rhonda Ingersol Hardy and Her Bronzeville Babies – Guest Contributor, Rhonda Ingersol Hardy, Victorine

Coding Everything – Sonja Mathis


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Jozzmos: Screaming for Closure – Columnist, Jozzy Allman

Words of Russell Clayton – Guest Contributor, Russell Clayton, MD

E-mails from Jason – Columnist, Major Jason Carter

New Directions: Strategies for Peaceful Closure – Columnist, Linda Isbell

Low-Carb Magic – Victorine

Closure: Letting Go – Barbara Hill

India Mebane: Closure – Guest Contributor, India Mebane

Closure: Living in the Moment – Guest Contributor, Peter Williams

Forever A Hero – Guest Contributor, Hero Le, Victorine

Adjust Your View – Aria Lott


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Dear Closure – Guest Contributor, E.M. Green

A Soul Journey: Walking the Camino – Guest Contributor, Rebecca Santos

Sarin’s Thai: Steamed Fish with Ginger – Sarin Basley

No Victimization – Navae Lukas

Overcoming Disappointment – Bikundo Onyari

Goin’ In: Project Say Something- Victorine

Row: Door Never Closes – Columnist, Rowena Nichols

Dealing with the “C” Word – Indrani Banerjee

Walking – Guest Contributor, Frank Malaba

Over – Guest Contributor, Laura Delfino