Gate Keepers

Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Vicki Goldston

This Issue:  Direction!


Copy Editor
Lois Crabtree

Core Contributors



Dr. Joyce Brown

Directions:  Which Way Is Up?


Mikel Elam


An Artist’s Perspective:  Mikel Elam

Dr. Robert Gerard

Robert Gerard

Causal Directions


Janis Merrill Gipson



Mi Casa, Su Casa:  Quiche!!


Marlon S. Hayes



The Course Shifted…Again


Barbara Hill



Follow the Directions

William L. Kennedy



Thanks for Listening:  Life Directions


Marquetta LaRae


Positive Power of You:  Directional Frequency


Susan Peters

When the Direction is STOP


Rev. Dr. Robert Yarbrough

Rev, Robert Yarbrough

Which Way Do I Go?

Guest Contributors

Stephen Abban Junior


Stepping Stones:  The Pacesetter

Kevin Ansong

Kescorism:  Art by Kelvin (Artistk) Ansong


Amita Bhakta


Darshan Comes to Tuscumbia, AL


Cecilia Lamptrey-Botchway

Foundational Power:  Art by Cecilia Lamptrey-Botchway

Jonathan Carter

Urban Exploration with Artist, Jonathan Carter

Dr. Russell Clayton


Direction:  Words of Dr. Russell

Tatiana Gibs (Tatje)


Carnival is Here!

Frank Malaba



Prosetry by Frank Malaba:  Change

Kuntal Patel

Freedom:  Kuntal Patel


Ute Bonn Pitts



Time for Change

Carla Renea

Sugar Pearl’s!!! Always a Masterpiece!!

Ladhi Shah

Hands by Labdhi Shah