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Founder, Editor-in-Chief
Vicki Goldston

This Issue: Abundance!
Heaven: An Excerpt from 57th Street
Idea, Perspective, and Curation: Brandon Harris
Excerpt from Spicy…a blog: Abundance Bakery and MY Upside-down Cupcake

Copy Editor
Lois Crabtree

Core Contributors

Sarin Basley

SSarin’s Thai: Larb Pal Duk (Catfish Salad

Bernard Basley

Bernie Basley

It’s All Thai: Bernard Basley Photography

Dr.Joyce Brown

The Treasure of Serving

Dr. Robert V. Gerard

Robert Gerard

Spirit of Abundance

Julies Gibs


Caribbean Cooking with Julies Gibs: Chicken Wings, Rice and Peas, and Plaintain

Janis Merrill Gipson

Mi Casa, Su Casa: Abundant Ministrone

Wanda Gail Campbell

Abundance is Perspective

Susan Peters

Abundance, in the Heart of a Beholder

Rve. dr. Robert Yarbrough

Rev, Robert Yarbrough

Part of the Package

Tekla A. Syers

With This Pen

Marlon S. Hayes


The Journey of Loving Abundantly

Deborah M. Gray

Coach Deborah Gray-Young

What Type of Thinker Are You?

Linda Isbell

Linda Isbell

New Directions: A Tribute to My Mom

Guest Contributors

Johnny Belew

Johnny Belew

…And Here’s Johnny

Debra Flint Salter

Debra Flint-Salter

Just an Illusion: An Anniversary Tribute to Dr. Rudolph Maragne

Stepping Stones: Goin’In: Truth

Mikel Elam

Mikel Elam

Artist: Mikel Elam

Rosemary Summers

Rosemary Summers

The Presence of Rosemary Summers

M. Larae


The Positive Power of You: The Abundance of Vibrations



SugarPearl’s Studio Kitchen: Cookin’ Shrimp Stuffed Salmon

Aletha Metcalf Evans

Aletha Metcalf Evans

A God Test…The Worst of Times Brings Out the Best of Her

Cassie Mebane

Cassie Mebane

A Day in the Life of a Teacher: Cassie Mebane

Brandon Harris

Brandon Harris

Idea, Perspective, and Curation: Brandon Harris

Cedar Lawrence

Abundance Photo

Reciprocal Blessings