Creative Force: Stephanie Willoughby

Stephanie Willoughby has always been comfortable with a camera in her hands. Originally from Chicago, she honed her production skills at NYU and since then, has been on many a production team, but the love of telling a story through pictures was what initiated work that would touch the souls of many families — Little Love Stories. If you want a pick-me-up at any time, turn to the pages of this site.

Little Love Stories is a reflection of the loving family life of Stephanie, her husband, Matt, and their children Gracen (5) and Jude (2.5). It’s about the intricacies that make up all family experiences and…well Stephanie tells it better than I can:

Little Love Stories creates family documentaries and personal biography films.

We use our clients footage (old & new) and photographs ( old & new) to create one of a kind custom films.

Our films are the “surprise” at a surprise party, the sweet look back at a wedding or rehearsal dinner, the sentimental thought for a couples anniversary, and the happy birthday at the happy birthday party. We’re the goodbye at memorial services- a way to remember your loved ones and the beautiful life they lived. We’re the heart of what matters, the record of your time here with the people you love.

– Stephanie Willoughby

The pictures and videos in Little Love Stories warm

your heart, crack you up, and take your breath away.

1836609_749738645061629_869221232028367398_o559134_4473463110647_443440490_nThe Willoughby children, Jude and Gracen.

Stephanie documents her third baby-to-come on Little Love Stories

Stephanie documents her third baby-to-come on Little Love Stories


Husband, Matt, and Jude



“We take pride in the work that we do and that is why we’ve created a How It Works video montage – so you can have a better understanding of what Little Love Stories is and of course, how it works! View the video below and contact us anytime at”

– Stephanie Willoughby

10398631_1112279843166_1699178_nStephanie Willoughby is a professional film maker and photographer as well as a wife & mother who resides in the great state of New Jersey. She tells other people’s stories through biographical films and photography – Little Love Stories. “It’s my life’s work and I’m so grateful that this is what I’ve been called to do. I’m the kind of person who seeks to find the beauty in every thing, every day. It’s amazing how you find what you are looking for.”

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