Earthsong Poetry: My Heart Cries


My heart cries
when I hear racial slurs
from those I know.

My heart cries
when I see the Earth abused
for economic profit or loss.

My heart cries
when I hear the suffering
inside and outside of our country.

My heart cries
when I see people turning a blind eye
and detaching their listening
from those in need.

My heart cries
when I realize I am not separate or above
but ensconced in the suffering.

My heart cries
when I wall off my heart,
when I wall off my mind,
and when I ignore
taking compassionate action
in the world around me.

My heart cries out
Am I again being an imposter,
and not being my true loving self?

My heart cries out
that I need to shadow box
because I’m again hiding
behind a mask,
and the world needs the love
and the wisdom
who I truly am.

glamour portrait 3-Richard MacKay

Things that inspire me: 

Learning in a variety of ways, literary, analytic, experimental, communicational, and being compassionate.

Creative endeavors, such as art, music, poetry, and dance. Hiking in the woods or in nature.  Feeling the energy of oneness in nature that is not felt in the city.  Strumming on the guitar and composing poetic verses.

The spirit of oneness in my experience.  The connection between different facets of my experience, such as visual colors, harmonies, nature and language.  Spirituality is sensing my world as both.

Earthsong Journal

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