Escape with Helen M. Bailey


Helen Bailey is often described as innovative, impactful 

and energizing …with a unique sense of style & grace.

Just about the time COVID 19 sequestered society to zones of safety within homes, behind computers, and into the search of creative outlets, Facebook introduced me to Helen M. Bailey.  Her Facebook Group, Gorgeous Lifestyles with Helen M. Bailey, was an open invitation, and when I browsed the page, I was immediately enthralled by the beautiful entries. Home décor, landscapes, artwork, floral beauty, faces, and all things Gorgeous graced the pages of this welcomed reprieve from the challenges of any day.

Beyond the Facebook page, Garden Spices was invited to Helen Bailey’s website, to her whimsical world of design with luxury, warmth, and vibrant color, all to stir the senses.

 At The End Of The Day, If You Remove The Clutter From Your Home You’ll Remove The Clutter From Your Life…HB

At The End Of The Day, You Should Surround Yourself With All The Little Things That Give You Joy And

All The People Who Make You Happy…HB

Thank you for the breath of your Gorgeous Lifestyle and for providing a daily reprieve from the challenges of the day.-Victorine.

Helen M. Bailey

Decorator | TV Host | Executive Producer | Event Planner




  • Reply November 5, 2020

    Peggye Weaver

    Each day, I look forward to the sight of Helen Bailey’s fabulous posts in Gorgeous Lifestyles. With obvious dedication she presents us with objects of beauty set in vignettes of luxury. This makes me feel the warm embrace of serenity and allows my heart to indulge in flights of fancy and fantasy. Especially, during these uncertain times, I appreciate these calming and pleasurable interludes. Thank you, Vickie Basley Goldstone and Garden Spices, for showcasing the gorgeous Helen Bailey in your magazine.

    • Reply November 5, 2020


      Thank you, Peggy, for your warm comments on our beautiful subject.

  • Reply November 5, 2020

    Cynthia Bennett

    Love it as always my Sister!!!!

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