Power? Yes, I question this topic.  I don’t like what immediately comes to mind. My first view is the abuse of power, by those in control of our society, those in control of religion, and our world. It seems the power hungry are not ever fed.  Power makes many human monsters that are never satisfied, always searching for control over everything. They reign over other’s simple rights to exist and find happiness. Power gives people a forced-backed illusion that they can make laws that govern each individual on their search for their authentic selves. Many times fear and propaganda are the tools of the powerful, leaving the layman with no choice but to accept it.

Why has power come to this sad state? Where did it all go wrong that we lost our positive use of power?  Where is the strength to face up to all life’s challenges? Our power gives us a sense of well-being and an ability to do what we have learned. Where is the recognition in that? We question those who are in power and do they know how to use it?

I’m writing this as the thoughts come, with no plan on where this will end up.  I’m hoping to connect with my power for that very reason, to write and hopefully get, not only my thoughts churning, but yours as well.

"Jozzy" by Matthew Helton

“Jozzy” by Matthew Helton

Recently the masses are distracted by those in power (the ones who control the media) by personal choices of celebrities who are trying to step into their own power! It’s as if the power hungry say, “Hey, let’s take something someone is doing, because they may become a threat to me. Let’s shame them, make fun of them, destroy their reputation, and stir up each side of opinions of the masses to fight amongst each other about who’s right and who’s wrong. Then they’ll forget that they aren’t in control of their own lives”.

Now, maybe I have a cynical outlook on this.  I could indeed be wrong. I’m always open to finding out if I am, and will adapt and change my beliefs, based on evidence and experience.  Having said that, have you ever just decided to stay neutral on some of these issues and just observe?  Use social media as an observation tool to see just how ugly these things can get. Don’t engage, just watch. It’s crazy!

Instead of me being so cynical, (sadly, sometimes I have let the negative energy get to me) I want to say that I’ve had some good conversation with those of opposing views. We both walked away in peace with new perspective on how things are (That’ll drive those in power crazy.) It’s refreshing to agree peacefully to disagree, or even change how worldviews are seen. I often have to change my views, especially when I realize I’m wrong, judgmental, or just feeling bad about the way I view it.

EvolvingI’m realizing more and more that beliefs are not founded in absolutes.  Human truths will never be absolute.  Those in power want you to think so (they don’t want much in the way of thinking). To quote Star Wars “Only Sith deal in absolutes”.

I’ve been criticized by close friends in the past for “not sticking with my values or beliefs”. Well, tough, because everything changes and evolves, and I never want to be stagnant, for that takes away my power, for me.

Dear readers, I encourage you to find your power, your way, your strength. Look within yourself and grab it, use it, hold it, become it!  You know it. It’s you, and only you that can become your own power.

– Jozzy Allman      

Jozzy NewJozzy is an advocate for health and wellness, of body, mind, and emotions. He shares “what works for (him).”  Jozzy also spins fire and cooks creative cuisine.


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