Ana’s Angioma Journey – 9/9/2019

It’s been an unusual few days for me…I’ve been a bit emotional as the calendar moved forward and my mind kept wanting to look back, but inside I know I have to keep moving forward, but learn from the past.

September has been full of big shifts in my life, September 9th in particular. At age 12 my second brain operation, at age 27, I had just found out I was pregnant with Amelia in a rocky marriage, then at age 30 I signed divorce papers on September 9th, then 2 years later I found myself in the hospital after 23 years of being almost entirely symptom free from any physical neurological defects or active bleeds….All of the situations shook me, but also made me work harder, be a bit more thankful, made me love a little more, rest a little more, speak a little louder, listen more often, but also hardened me, made me stronger, and more aware of the little things I so often take for granted.

Today is 9-9-19 and I am thankful for a “normal” day with Ms. Amelia, my kindergarteners, and all of the people in my life who have been there to help get me through the times that seemed so difficult and also for my inner drive and connection to something bigger that keeps from wallowing in the past, but to see all the good things that come from a simple date that makes me think twice for so long.

Time does march on and I am thankful for lessons learned, love, forgiveness, my new “normal”, new healthy, and for another breath, and one more day I got to spend with the daughter I wasn’t supposed to have because of my own birth defect and for the career I wasn’t supposed to be able to obtain, because being “other health impaired” on the inside was going to make being successful on the outside unobtainable, so September 9th reminds me that all of those things that seem so hard, ended up pushing me to find the light in what once seemed like the darkness of the unknown.

Thanks for taking the time to read if ya did and help me to not be superstitious of the past, but to keep moving forward and recognizing what growth has come from it.

-Adriana Peeples

Adriana Peeples is a mother of a vivacious 6 year old, a lifelong learner, an elementary education teacher, lover of the arts, and a truth seeker hoping to shed some light into some dark spaces.


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