Artist, indeed!  I met Francisco via social media.  He followed my blog, and I followed his artwork.  Upon browsing his JaZzArt, I connected with the mellifluous context of his work.   I knew I needed to share my experience with you.  Thank you, Francisco, and welcome to Garden Spices. – Victorine.

“I lived in the US for many years and graduated from Florida International University with a degree in Liberal Studies with a strong major in Theatre Arts and Psychology.  I used my background in Theatre not for acting but for stage design. From there I started my career in art.

I began exhibiting professionally in 2003 in Istanbul, Turkey at the PG Art Centre.  From there I ventured back to Spain to participate in art events in Zaragoza. I also exhibited in several galleries in New York City, like the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, World Fine Art Gallery and the MyMoon Gallery in Brooklyn.  While living in Florida, I participated in many festivals, both in the Metropolitan Miami area and in Sarasota and Bradenton. In 2007 and 2008, I represented the city of Asti, Italy in Miami’s Sister Cities Art Festival. Many of my works are in private collections in Europe, Asia, and America.

“Bass and Bous” (ink and pencils on paper, 25×35 cm)

“Jazz in Red” (acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm)

I returned to Spain and I have been developing my gallery and studios, Omnia Caelum Studios, exhibiting in Valencia’s artistic neighborhood of Russafa.  In 2019 I exhibited a collection I called “JaZzArt en Valencia” and the 2020 continuation is on the way with scheduled expos for November and December. My work has always reflected the spontaneity of jazz and the musicians that create it.

Although my work is not purely abstract, I like to think of myself as an abstract artist.  Abstract art has taken on many different aspects since the days of Kandinsky and my work has the color intensity and the attitude to fit in within the genre, now that the boundaries of abstract art have widened.  That is not to say that I am not a figurative realist painter as well. I like to think of all my compositions as reflective of reality.

“Els Mateix” (black ink/pencils on paper, 25×35 cm)

I like to use the black line as a form, not as a border or a separator of colors.  The black line is organic, it is movement and it guides the individual parts of the composition and “allows” them to create the rest of the painting or the drawing.  That is the essence of “JaZzArt” and from there surged my style. I think in terms and with the sounds of music, and there is nothing more abstract than music. Jazz is the performer’s art.  It was defined by the early greats as music which is improvised, which allows the performer to be a composer and which must swing, i.e. Jazz must have rhythm. That is the definition, applied to art, which guides my work.

“Peixos” (series, acrylic on canvas 20x50cm)

I work mostly in acrylics on canvas/wood, creating works of multi-color and also drawings of black ink and pencils on paper.  Both art forms follow the idea of Jazz as it was defined. I consider my work to be a dialogue, a continuous form of communication with the viewer which transmits the power of the improvisation and also the movements of rhythm, of swing.  Art must have a message, even if it is just decorative because all art is decorative, no matter how symbolic, surrealistic or experimental it may be. The artist must have something to say, even in subterfuge and the message is the painting.” Francisco Bravo Cabrera



Francisco Bravo Cabrera

Of Spanish and Italian origins. Presently a resident of the city of Valencia, Spain. I lived in the United States and studied at Florida International University, graduating with a degree in Liberal Studies with a strong major in Theatre Arts and Psychology. Online galleries at which features the “JaZzArt en Valencia” collection.  More of Jazz Art and other world can be seen on Instagram, @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera as well as in 

All drawings and paintings exhibited are for sale.  Arrangements via contact through Instagram.

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