From Spicy… a blog by Victorine: Young’uns


“There are organizations that have had the same folks running them for years, which is why they don’t run; they crawl.  And these folks crave power, which is what makes them powerless in forward movement.  In this case, sometimes age doesn’t matter.  If movement is stale, move out of the way and let some new blood take its course.  Give new life to organizations and events, and for goodness sake, support the young folks.  Why we have to fight them I don’t know.  Some folks even hate on them and subvert their efforts.  Yes, the young’uns need to yield to our experience, but we should not berate voices that reflect a new day.  The young’uns must also invite the wisdom of older folks. We do not need to be cast aside but honored. Congress is a good example.” ( See in Entirety)


Author:  Be S.A.F.E., StillAware,Faithful,Excellent, now available on Kindle Amazon

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