Front and Center

Who says gardening has to be done in a back yard?  Mother Earth is at it again, and this time she’s growing a bountiful front yard organic garden.  David Walton is the Gardener.  Enjoy!

photo 5-1

The Circle

photo 4

Sweet potatoes, anyone? David’s invitation to the universe

photo 2

David’s Vegan Grocery Store. He welcomes some of his neighbors to shop.

photo 3 (1)

Christmas Trees grown from plants

photo 1

Sun peeking in on Magnolia Tree blossom










David carrying plants for friend, Que (at forefront)

-David Walton

David ‘Hummingbird’ Walton is a native of Sheffield, AL, but he spends the fall and spring out west in Oregon and frequents Hawaii.  A musician/singer/songwriter,  David is known as a peace troubadour, and his music is played all over the world.  Besides family and friends, gardening serves as another passion for David.  His front yard organic garden is legendary, and he has enhanced many gardens wherever he has traveled.

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  • Reply August 30, 2015

    Rowna Nichols

    Hi David! I may be a bit slow, but I’ll never forget my favorite musician at Unity. Of course I remember you for other reasons, like your quiet demeanor as you really listened to whoever was talking with you, your appreciation of a gift (specifically an ‘ocarina’, that I thought might be something new for you) from South America, even though you were very familiar with, and owned more than one. In other words, you are a great person to know. I enjoyed your article, and the photos showing such beautiful plants. I agree that a garden can be enjoyed wherever a person cares to create it. Love and blessings!

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