This Issue: Strength


There is no way to encapsulate the word “Strength.”   Mamas that grieve loved ones feel the hue of being strong differently from daddies that have stood for children in tough love.  Yet, we have all had the opportunity to stand on the power of this word.

Author, Contributor, Susan Peters

Author, Contributor, Susan Peters

Take for example, Susan Peters, the featured author on our cover picture. It is hard to imagine the strength garnered by this warrior mom/woman. You will  feel it in her contribution, A Superior Kind of Strength.  In fact, this issue of Garden Spices takes Contributors to every nuance of how strength has found its way into their lives. Never knowing when it will emerge, it surprises each of us until we realize it is always within us.

We have Content from new Guest Contributors, but many of them are coming back to grace our pages, like Wanda Gail Campbell, Emily Kelly, and Robert Yarbrough.  Of course, familiar columns, like Hello World, New Directions, Sista says, and Starrdust greet us with warmth and take us down their garden path. Oh! Let’s not forget we have Super Foods, by Janis Gipson to keep us fueled.

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Vicki Goldston, aka, Victorine


Founder/Editor in Chief


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