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What better selection for Gay Pride Month than a book that examines members of the gay and trans community?

Author Joyce A. Brown has surprised us all in this contemporary romance novel, WINTER’S LAMENT. When a storm destroys the broadcast tower of an influential megachurch, Pastor Reese Thompkins jumps into a huge fundraising effort which will free him from guilt and pave the way to the climax of his ministry. For years, he has been hiding his identity as transgender, and masking it even further with the companionship of his best friend and first lady, Kamilah. Denying herself a love life of her own, the outlook changes when the man she really loves returns to town. To make matters worse, Reese’s former lover and arch enemy, Dr. Annorah Sherman of the International Truth Institute, is determined to expose his secrets to the world and appease her judgmental parents. This battle of wills, religion and ethics keeps the reader engaged throughout this book.

After reading WINTER’S LAMENT, we are forced to confront our own understanding of gender identity and the transgender community. The voices are clearly present in the novel that represent traditional biblical interpretations as well as contemporary political and moral thought, pushing the reader to decide on her place in the spectrum. Miss Brown uses her expertise as a clinician to examine one of the most controversial issues of our time, and to do it with dignity and class. If you’d like to explore a new take on the Black Church and be thoroughly entertained, then Winter’s Lament is the book for you.

“When I closed the pages of WINTER’S LAMENT, my first thought was, Well Done! The issue Joyce Brown tackles is contemporary and yet it is mired in secrecy, superstition, and bias. Some readers will seek to refute the work with scriptures of one faith or another, personally I gravitate to the phrase in 1 Corinthians 13:13, “and the greatest of these is love.” The book while descriptive, is discretely written, Brown’s characters are vividly defined. Winter’s Lament is a challenging read because it asks us to reasonably question our beliefs and prejudices. Joyce Brown has written a legitimate and important addition to the literature on gender equality. I gave this book a four and kudos for wading into uncharted waters. A crack in the door of gender identity has been opened and a glimmer of light is shining in. Brown’s future work is further excavation of this important topic in what I see as one or two subsequent books.”

Swimming in Unchartered Waters, verified Amazon customer


Notes from the author:  As an author, the weeks leading up to Release Day represent an emotional roller coaster. Although you’ve gone through the birthing pains of writing, editing, rewriting, and finally publishing, the finished  book is no longer yours.  You have to let go of your baby.

Letting go of months or  years can leave you drained, afraid, and ready for a long nap. You are sharing your worldview along with your talent and writing skills  You’re exploring topics and essentially putting a stake in the ground. This is what I believe is an important issue to learn more about, discuss, and possibly educate some people

Writing and Releasing Winter’s Lament has been a journey of discovery.  The themes did not come all at once. When the main character appeared, he was struggling with the consequences of choices he’d made, struggling to serve God, struggling to move out of his own way and trying to figure out why someone he’d once care about was set on destroying him.

Lament literally means a passionate expression of grief.   The main characters (plural) are regretting choices they’ve made. Set against the backdrop of a horrible winter storm that paralyzes transportation systems, closes cities and forces people to spend together who ordinarily would not be in contact with each other  – Dr. Joyce Brown

– Joyce A. Brown

Joyce Brown is a motivational speaker and author who uses her creative energy to give voice and meaning to the challenges women face in all walks of life. She grew up in Rockford, Illinois in a household of strong women. She graduated from Bradley University with a B.S. and M.A.  Her professional career expanded her reach into Peoria, Illinois; and Battle Creek, Michigan. Joyce obtained a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University.

She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and has served as a direct services worker, executive director, program director for a major foundation, and an entrepreneur. Joyce has experienced many uplifting moments as a professional and as a dedicated parent and strives to bring those events and lessons to life through her characters in contemporary fiction novels she pens.

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