God Test… America : The Worst of Times Brings Out the Best In Her



A MAGA Mob at
The Capitol Gate,
sent to stop the VP from
certifying States.

They hated black & brown
turned red States blue,
there’s One Game in town
one set of Rules.

Let History mark
the time and place,
when black & white
came face to face.

So much for peaceful
transfers of power,
one more norm takes a
dive off Trump Tower.

It’s hard to see how
one well-placed Lie,
could brainwash otherwise
brilliant minds.

15 sick turned into
over 400,000 dead,
another lie and broken
promise POTUS said.

The race wasn’t close,
not by any measure,
not one state official
gave in to the pressure.

Even during a Pandemic
seen once in 100 years,
people put their lives on the line
to Vote and to Volunteer.

Never were more votes
cast for A President,
Voters spoke loud and clear,
that’s just the way it went.

Every single State reported
their election results as true,
7 million more voted
for the Incumbent to lose.

Believers on the Right and Left
held true to the American Dream,
when given a choice to stand fast
or go along with this scheme.

We are The People
part of Democracy,
we elect our leaders
by One Vote fair and free.

All Votes were counted
and counted again,
challenged in court many times
with zero White House wins.

Some wanted more of the same
but not The Majority,
we The People mostly prefer
To embrace our diversity.

So why were Congressmen & Women
determined to scratch the count,
of Voters from counties where
largely people of color turned out?

After the storming of The Capitol
Members were not deterred,
from Voting the opposite
of what The People preferred.


The siege at the Capitol’s door,
All involved must now answer for,
Journalists uncovered The Truth
The People are keeping score.

Social media, Fox News
and Alternative Facts,
Have taken a toll
So now this is where we’re at.

Our system held strong though tested,
From Poll Workers to Courts of Law,
Election Officials threatened
From Georgia to Arkansas.

The Governor of Michigan
Was to be kidnaped and tried,
by radical extremists
Who wanted her to die.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

A dishonorable mention
goes to Georgia 2018,
for making voter suppression
a day-to-day Routine.

It was beneath the office
of Governor of that State,
so, we took The Senate in return
let there be no mistake.

There are not two sides to The Truth,
so if our leaders don’t believe it,
at what point must we admit
we’re sleeping with the enemy period?

There aren’t good people on both sides,
Right and Wrong cannot combine.
If you took an Oath you can’t live up to
respectfully Resign!

Children in Cages,
Hate Rallies, Big Stages.
Building a Wall along The Border
in the name of Law and Order.

Big Tax Breaks for the Rich Folks.
Claim everything else is a Hoax.
People who believe in real Fake News,
still to this day don’t have A clue.

Those in power need us to believe
the Free kick-ass Press is the enemy.
The Majority rejected this Agenda.
Our Democracy we won’t Surrender!

Written by Aletha Loraine Metcalf

January 25, 2021

 Photo by Joseph Chan on Unsplash

Aletha Metcalf Evans


In 2018 I retired from a 38-year career as a Los Angeles Airport Police Officer.  Currently I live in the beautiful city of Inglewood, California where I am honored to serve on the Arts Commission.  I am a poet, lyricist and songwriter.  I love to write and I love music.  I am a God-fearing woman.


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