God’s Shelter: Poems by Shauna Smith


“Time is a gift,” they say
but yet it is never wrapped with a bow
or a name on a card.

“Time is a gift,” they say
but it is never hidden for a special occasion.

For it is offered freely, handed over without expectation
by the One and Only that can freely give time Himself.

Forgive me, Lord, for not using that time for the purpose it was given.

For I have not learned it’s true value…

Until now.


You were born not by choice, but by will.
You grew up not by age, but by time.
You woke up and took a breath from the air that was meant for your lungs.

You are Destined to be here!

Once a tiny speck of life and now a living being.
The journey started and you were given meaning.
A purpose was born when they heard your heart beating.

Like a drum with rhythm being played on a quiet street.

Your eyes opened to the light of day. Your ears heard someone say,
“It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” and everyone shouted “Hooray!”

You were Destined to be here!

Not just for life, but to know the God who made you.

Just right, just in time.

The God who knew before you were even thought of.
The God who loves you more than others could.
The God who called you “Good.”

You were Destined to be here!

So whatever you do, don’t give up now, for you will make it
Someday, somewhere, somehow.


What would you care to see if you saw me in the mirror?

Would you just focus on my beauty and be jealous enough to hate me,
or would you stop to see the tears that are too clear for you to notice?
Would you just look at the clothes I wear? The ones you think that you wish you had, or would you stop to see that expensive clothing is only there to cover the cuts and bruises of my past, the ones of which have not healed and might leave scars?

Would you just see my skin and still hate me for its tone, or would you take a moment to realize that we are both made by the same material, by the same God, who indeed loves us the same?

Your eyes tell lies,

and until you learn to use your vision as mirrors,
you will NEVER see the truth.

All rights reserved.

-Shauna Bree Smith
Shauna Bree Smith has always dreamed of becoming an author and poet ever since she was a child. As an upcoming senior in Florence High School, she hopes to begin sharing her words to the world to inspire and motivate others during times of trouble. In her free time, Shauna loves to listen to music, cook, spend time with friends and family, and sleep in until noon. She is currently in the process of writing a novel about the power of forgiveness which she hopes to have finished by next year. In the meantime, she hopes you enjoy her early poetry.

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