This Issue:  Exploration

“Sometimes, there are no choices, but if U stay silent, you’ve ultimately made yours.”

C. Isaac, ’19

Loved Ones,

The featured image of Guest Contributor, Carla Renae and the quote above found on her page says it all.  This season has caught us exploring feelings that reside within us, as we experience the shift taking place in the world. In Stepping Stones:  Goin’ In – Again and Again, Mikel Elam, Kathy Frederick, and Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis also give perspective on current events and why, how, and what we do to navigate. We know we cannot be silent, which is why our Contributors open their hearts and minds, meeting explorations of every kind in this issue.

Curried Coconut Cod cooked in copper

Carla Renae of SugarPearl’s dons our cover by cooking up more than her Hawaiaan Poke dish; in SugarPearl’s Studio Kitchen, she expressed her feelings about justice and where we need to be, as a society.  The cuisine has never tasted so good.  This issue also features Kingfish from Caribbean Kitchen with Julie Gibs, and Mi Casa, Su Casa’s Janis Gipson, who gives us a recipe for her sumptuous Coconut Cod and invites us to explore her exotic cookware in Cooking with Copper.

Vessels by Larry Allen

Art soothes the soul and wakes up the senses, and there must be some magic in the name “Allen.”   This issue gives us two renowned artists, Pamella Allen @calabragallery, in Art Ethereal: Pamella Allen and unrelated, Potter, Larry Allen in Hand Thrown Vessels:  Pottery by Larry Allen.   We catch up with Barbados Creative, Fred Odle in  Barbados Splendor:  Creative Fred Odle, and Photographer, Millicent Garland, graces our pages this issue, in Second Act: Millicent Garland Photography.   We explore Holi, the Festival of Color with Pratik Mamtora and Ami Thakkar, interviewed by Lisa MariaDr. Wanda Gail Campbell allows us to experience The Feast of the Sun in Peru. In Until the Bitter Ends, we sing with Guest Contributor, Belinda Jackson.

Dr. Russell Clayton

Of course, we explore perspective through Veteran Kathy Frederick, Dr. Joyce Brown, Dr. Robert Gerard, and Marlon Hayes and kindle our spirits through Dr. Russell Clayton,  Dr. Robert Yarbrough, and Frank Malaba.  We even smell the flowers of Linda Isbell. In much of this issue, we are introspective, with insight on education, spirituality, and the earth. Richard MacKay pays homage to the earth in Exploring Our Paradigm Shift, and The Mother in us all stimulates our compassion and awareness and nurtures how we are to handle the universe today.

As we celebrate The Mother, Garden Spices would like to honor the mother of Contributor, Susan Peters, Sarah Lambert,  who transitioned and joined her Ancestors on April 19, 2021.  In Exploring the Soul’s Sovereignty, Susan reveres a soul well-lived.  Thank you, Susan, for allowing us to share the blessing that was your mother.

Susan’s Mom, Sarah Lambert, on her Birthday.

Always with Mama love, we welcome you to…

 …open our Garden Gate!

Vicki Goldston aka, Victorine
Camp Goldston Publishing, LLC,
Founder, Editor-in-Chief