Huge Topic- Harmony

Wondering about and wandering around Harmony feels as if I am in a foreign land. On this journey, I happen upon fragments and facets gleaming like diamonds on the desert floor at sunrise. Focus on balance, the inner intuitive voice commands. See how harmony translates into balance and impacts life. So…. diving in now to discover what wants to emerge!

Visualizing the mobius strip as pictured below, one may clearly discern the concept of personal harmony-often stated “as within, so without and as without, so within”. The mobius illustrates how inside and outside easily flow together with no breach in continuity. Imagine our world if each person on the planet could be self-harmonious and live from this smooth state!

I am convinced that such a state is possible and more prevalent when one has literally cleared out emotional and psychological blocks through deep inner work. Sometimes such work is accomplished diligently over time through spiritual practices, with a qualified therapist or perhaps a professional soul/life coach. Other times, just coping effectively moment to moment is sufficient. Whatever way, willingly trudging through emotional triggers from daily events, clawing out of a deep depression, or examining the gifts from overwhelming trauma or tragedy often heals the soul’s dark night.

By looking fully into the dark abyss and care-fronting previously UN-examined shadow material, healing can happen.  The dark night journey for me has led to discovering, personalizing and accepting the polarizing effects of our human condition.

Naturally, in addition to outer conflict, there exists the little angel/demon interior experience where different aspects of self argue with each other. Often the demon of the head mind and the angel of the heart intelligence engage in a proverbial ego struggle. Where lies the win-win?


When inner struggles occur, a win-win may emerge from the balcony of higher perspective. Surrendering to the larger view one can emerge with a new, clear, and stronger awareness about any situation. This more aware option gives clarity to personal values and helps determine when collaboration is the best choice. Win-win comes more easily with clear vision and willingness to collaborate both internally and with others. This idea is summarized in Parker J. Palmer’s quote, “I want to learn how to hold the paradoxical poles of my identity together, to embrace the profoundly opposite truths that my sense of self is deeply dependent on others dancing with me and that I still have a sense of self when no one wants to dance.” 

There is joy in the dance.  Here’s a quick and easy head/heart harmonizing tool that diminishes polarization and assists inner balance as well as higher perspective. I recently discovered this on a YouTube video posted by Gregg Braden, a NY Times bestselling author. It is based on research at the HeartMath Institute where Braden serves on the board.  I humbly invite you to try it for yourself.

With hand on heart, take three (3) slow breaths.

Feel into the following four (4) areas:

Gratitude, Appreciation, Compassion and Kindness

Notice how inner harmony emerges

It is said that this process lasts approximately 6 hours so I try to do it at least twice a day during my waking hours after I meditate to 528 Hz music to maximize inner peace and harmony. Inner harmony then translates into the outer world as I go about my daily routines. I see things from a more balanced and loving perspective. Maybe this is something that can help us all have a happier, more balanced and harmonious 2019. Let’s Dance together into the New Year!

Wanda Gail Campbell

Photo by Carol Zukosky

Wanda has served thirty plus years as a healthcare professional. Currently, she serves as a Minister of Peace ordained by The Beloved Community. In July, 2007 she completed her PhD in Philosophy focused on Intercultural Peacemaking. For her own spiritual nourishment, she enjoys reading both contemporary and ancient spiritual writings.





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