I Serve

I lift myself
OObeyond the evidence
OOof my senses.

I go to the frontier
OOof my world
OOand I see beyond.

I know
OOwe can be more.

I know
OOwe can do more
OOand better

I know
OOwe are One,

OOin time
OOby circumstance.

OOI know we are more.
OOWe are better.

I know there is more
OOand better
OOfor all of us.

We can live
OOwith love, joy, peace,
OOand purpose.

We can
OOsafely pursue our dreams.

I don’t give up.

I find another way.
OOMore and better
OOrequire that.

I serve.

Tekla A. Syers resides in Chicago as a student and teacher of metaphysics; smitten grandmother; dabbler in culinary arts; semi-retired fund development and nonprofit management consultant; and a craftswoman. She enjoys music and art in myriad forms and makes time to observe and reflect on why folks and things are as they are.

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