I’m Here: Letter to My Sons


Wisdom is usually a gift to those who risk and survive to learn from it. The best wisdom often comes from our mistakes and failures. The best fruits of our labor usually are from overcoming those mistakes and failures. I learned these lessons from one of the greatest men I have known, your Papa. He reminded me that life would present you with many journeys filled with laughter, joy, and pain. Embrace these experiences. Seek their wisdom and you will become a better man.

Life is a journey. A journey is simply a series of steps with a beginning, middle, and end. However, many never emphasize that a journey must start with an idea-a dream. Life “happens” to every being on this planet. At some point you must decide if you will let life blow you in all directions. Your dreams are divinity speaking directly to you. How will you respond?

Also remember to always love yourself enough to start new journeys. Seek paths that make your heart soar. Don’t confuse this with the clearest path. Yours may be the road less traveled. Occasionally, you may have to make your own path. It will involve commitment. When slaves escaped for freedom they would follow the North Star. What obstacles did they face? What doubts?

Lastly, dream big, but start small. Always remember that your first step is crucial. Move boldly. Every blessing that has moved me forward began with intentional action. Rarely does a journey begin and end with one step. But you must begin. It’s the “middle”- the friends you meet who become like brothers, the stumbles you take that challenge your grit to get back up, and the mountains you look back on with amazement that you climbed that make any journey worth the effort. It is how you become you. We all have a song to sing. Use your time to find your voice. And when you find it, sing it to the mountaintops!



Taurus, Christian, and Morgan

Taurus, Christian, and Morgan

-Taurus Bennett-Columnist

Taurus just shifted.  He sold his insurance business and is now pursuing his soul’s purpose as a grant writer and Community Outreach activist.  He is also pursuing an advanced degree in Social Entrepreneurship.  Taurus is a volunteer for CASA, advocating for foster children, and an engaged husband and father.


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  • Reply March 4, 2017

    Anna Lott

    Love these! Taurus Bennetti, younspeak to all of us here in Montevallo!

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