JL Yoga: Karma Challenge

So there is this silly challenge on Instagram for balance strengthening or balance therapy or balance whatever. I can’t think of what this little board she used was called, but it was like a few inches thick; it was even suggested to roll your yoga mat up and use it like a balance beam.

I have seen yoga blocks lined up or used individually for the same balance beam type exercises. This challenge has inspired me to do a Karma themed class.  For the next class I teach, we will go outside to the nearest curb. We will walk and pose on the curb.

If you have great balance and can do this easily,  look comfortable, and come off when you want…good karma.

If you wobble and sway but don’t fall off except a few times but on the grass side of the curb versus the street…then you have decent karma, but may need some chakra cleansing.

If you just can’t find balance and find this difficult, but you are able to fall on the grass side….then questionable karma and definitely some wacked out chakras.

If there is no possible way for you to hold any semblance of what could appear to be any kind of balance and continually fall in the street side…then you have shitty karma, (What in the hell have you done in this life???)  Your chakras are about to fall out of your anus from either too much or lack of mulabandha.

If you fall off on the street side and get hit by a car it could reveal/manifest several things:

1) If you live, good karma cuz now you can bank off the drivers insurance

2) If the driver has no insurance then you have bad karma, sucks for you

3) If you die, then wait to see how you reincarnate to determine your karmic value.

If you are not sure how to connect to your past lives to determine your Karmic state…then by all means look me up (or one of my authorized disciples.)  We are available no matter which year in the future you reincarnated.

As per the requirement of the JL Yoga 200hr YGC (Yoga Guru Certification), my disciples and I practice the Immortality Kriya for 10 hours a day.  So obviously we are immortal and will be around for a while.

-Justin Linderman

Justin is a self-employed all around average good guy. (The good part is up for debate) He enjoys spending his time truth seeking, being a skeptic, and finding the humor in the aspects of yogaland that are in need of change. Sometimes accused of being a Social Justice Warrior other times just an a**hole. Could claim to be a yoga teacher but isn’t actively teaching because truth seeking and being a skeptic is more fun. Probably a court jester in a past life. Will never be accused of not sayin’ something. May the force be with you. Winter is coming.




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